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Jadyn Harlow, entrepreneur, storyteller, writer, advocate for missing people, and host of ‘The Missing Found’ podcast.


Harlow has dedicated herself to the dissection and elicitation of vocalizing the unsolved and cold cases of missing persons in the Black community; and does so in a way of investigative storytelling and conducting full case analyses on the missing person. With gaining notoriety for her strong approach to analyzing these cases, Harlow's journey through the true crime sector and into the world of media to spark renewed hope and insight into these forgotten or lesser known cases.


Jadyn Harlow, Writer and Host

Harlow has set her standard on wanting to know the answers, questioning every detail, and stating the facts, all while delivering the case in an easy to follow spoken story that will take you on a journey from where it began for the missing person, the last known moments on record, where we are left with mystery, to the possibilities thereafter.

Harlow is the former content writer for New York Times Best Seller, Elisabeth Ovesen, formally Karrine Steffans, for the Gorgeous Girls Guide - an online platform that was dedicated to self care and education for women on how to live a progressive lifestyle in health, organic beauty, home, and achieving optimal wellness. Harlow is also the former content writer for We Buy Black - an online global marketplace of Black-owned businesses who showcase and sell their products. Both projects were under a nom de plume.

Currently, Harlow works as a content writer for multiple brands to help develop their brand visibility and create original, striking, and engaging content to further their reach.


Combined with her expertise in investigative writing, storytelling, and studying journalism at University of California, Berkeley, Harlow is ready to embark on this new journey to finding our missing and doing it in decency; with an investigative intellectual approach, direction, and hope through faith.

Jadyn Harlow



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